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Lakeland, Florida

About Karen

Hello, my name is Karen Spencer. My husband, Gamal, and I are raising our family in the small town of Lakeland, Florida. We are the extended version of the Brady Bunch. Together, we share 9 children; his 4, my 4, and our beautiful princess. I started making blankets a few years ago when my stepson's occupational therapist recommended that it would help him with his meltdowns. At the time, he was just diagnosed with Autism and would have a lot of meltdowns. After the initial sticker shock of the prices for weighted blankets, I decided to try and make one for him myself, and I did. Then I made some for friends, and the rest is history. I love making weighted blankets and lap pads, and I love making sure they are reasonable in price so that anyone the needs a blanket can have a blanket.
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